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Rener Health Centers

As valued patients and clients we wish to inform you of significant changes.

The long standing clinic of nearly 40 years is now permanently closed as of 17th December 2016. Since the retirement of Founder, Lee Rieniets, some years ago, Lisa Rieniets and Anton Rieniets have commenced their own Naturopath Practices. 

The new Naturopath Practices will be open in January 2017. Our resident Practitioners Corrin Ainley and Kerrie Black will be resuming consultations at one of the new businesses. The details for each new buisness is below.

We thank you for your support and appologise for any inconvenience, we look forward to continue supporting the health of you and your family.

Meet our Practitioners

Meet the practitioners behind Rener Health.

Anton Rieniets

Anton’s vast experience as a Naturopath and his investigative approach is well regarded with his focus on gut health restoring effective processing and balance in the microbiome of the gut. This assists with the management of food allergies, parasites, digestion issues and the link between the gut and brain. Anton is consistently on the forefront of information to best support his patients with knowledgeable consultations and supportive products.

Corrin Aniley
Corrin Ainley
Body Talk Practitioner

Corrin is a qualified Nutritionist, Naturopath and Body Talk Practitioner utilising a combination of the best nutritional science and mind-body medicine. Corrin is dedicated and clinically experienced in assisting people of all ages with a range of health conditions. Her passion is working with children’s cognitive conditions such as learning/concentration disorders and eating difficulties. Corrin’s experience and knowledge together with her approachable and calming nature assists patients to reach their health goals.

Kerrie Black

The Ketosis Program is well understood and facilitated by Kerrie for the efficient processing of fats in dealing with best health and weight loss. As a Naturopath she combines her Naturpoathy knowledge with the Ketosis Program for a safe weight loss regime and balance the body’s system in particular; the gut and adrenals for the optimum functioning. Kerrie’s professional and friendly nature provides a supportive and approachable consultation for your health outcomes.

Lisa Rieniets
Lisa Rieniets

With more than 30 years’ experience, as a Naturopath, specialising in severe and chronic health conditions. Lisa’s integrated philosophies and practice discipline sees her well respected from her colleagues, patients and the broader community. Due to the high demand for Lisa’s expertise, new patients are presented and discussed on a case by case scenario before accepted for treatment.

New Rener Health Clinics

Our resident Practitioners will be resuming consultations at one of the new clinics as outlined below.